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Air Transport Nightmares

There's nothing like showing up to your selected transporter's hangar with preconceived notions of what he or she quoted you for a drop off, only to have him or her drop the bomb of reality right down on your pride. The cost of your adventure is now possibly doubled because your pilot insists you have way too much gear for the quoted price. What now? You've driven hours to situate your take-out vehicle and to have a ride to the airstrip, and now you're faced with either paying the added cost of an extra flight for "necessary" gear or forsaking the whole hunt.

Simplifying An Old Tradition

A particularly cold September's morning found my friend I preparing for another Alaskan float hunt. We were breaking down our camp and readying ourselves for an early morning decent downstream. Our plan was to begin floating at the first hint of daybreak, which meant a 4:30 a.m. wakeup call. The brisk morning air chilled our bodies to the bone. And as the heavy dew became frost, seemingly before our eyes, we could almost hear the transformation.

Game Bag Material Testing

I'm constantly thinking of new ways to further my career in the Alaska out of doors. In doing so I find myself trying the strangest things to occupy my time when not hunting or guiding river goers into the wilderness. Anyway, my latest thoughts led me to ponder the use of conventional game bags, which are used to cover and house big game meat after hunters harvest animals in the field.

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