Pioneer X-stream

Pioneer X-stream!

Pioneer X-stream

The Pioneer X-stream is a new inflatable canoe design that replaces the Pro Pioneer and Magnum made by SOAR Inflatables (designed by Larry Bartlett).

We have moved away from Hypalon and Neoprene construction and developed a PVC model to, 1) Save weight, 2) Increase Capacity, 3) Guaranteed warranty, 4) Lower cost.

The Pioneer X-stream is made of 32-oz PVC and weighs 72 lbs (that’s 15-lbs less than the Pro Pioneer and 30-lbs less than the Magnum.)

Working with PVC material has allowed us to design a lightweight wilderness canoe that holds 300 lbs. more than the Pro Pioneer, and its floor design allows users to run up to class IV whitewater without modifications made to the boat.

The Pioneer X-stream is a convertible self-bailer, and has no wood accessories. The floor is fully removable to provide weight distribution options during transport. The floor is a 4” drop-stitch design that inflates to become more rigid than I-beam construction and easier to repair. This canoe is inherently more stable than the Pro Pioneer because the floor and side tube alignment has a lower profile on the waterline.

There are lashing points along every square inch of the top surface of the Pioneer X-stream.

The Pioneer X-stream has the following specs:

16.5 feet
Tube Diameter:
16” side tubes tapered to 24” at the bow and stern
32-oz PVC / 32-oz chafe guards around the bottom
Floor design:
4” drop-stitch (removable)
Floor Weight:
16 lbs.
Boat weight:
72 lbs. (with floor)
Weight Capacity:
1800 lbs. max
Convertible with screw caps
Colors Options:
Red or Gray
5 years





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Pioneer X-stream Basic Package:

Includes canoe, two seat slings, air pump, and repair kit.
Retail Price: $2,395.00
Sale Price: $2000.00


Pioneer X-stream Basic Package:

Military Discount Price: $1950.00


Pioneer X-stream Basic Package:

Sale Price for 2 or more: $1950.00





Pioneer X-stream Rowing Package:

Includes canoe, two seat slings, air pump, repair kit, Oar Saddles, and two Cataract oars with Oar Rights.
Retail Price: $2,995.00
Sale Price: $2550.00


Pioneer X-stream Rowing Package:

Military Discount Price: $2500.00


Pioneer X-stream Rowing Package:

Sale Price for 2 or more: $2500.00




Pioneer X-stream Q & A:

Question: Why redesign the Pro Pioneer?
Answer: Because hypalon (rubber) is heavier than PVC by nature, and the bottom of SOAR canoes have a tendency to grip rocks in shallow river scenarios. Also, I wanted to design a lighter canoe with more impressive delivery of weight hauling capacity and rugged durability by utilizing the entire bow and stern areas more effectively.

Question: What design features make the Pioneer X-stream so much better than SOAR canoe designs?
Answer: The bow and stern areas are now oversized to provide up to 300-lbs greater capacity, coupled with larger side tubes this design is a serious load hauler. We also moved away from having any metal d-rings and wood seats that add unnecessary weight and bulk to our canoe.

Question: Are the Pro Pioneer and Magnum canoes still available through Pristine Ventures?
Answer: No

Question: Who makes the Pioneer X-stream?
Answer: The Pioneer X-stream is a Pristine Ventures product, made in China by the same factory that builds Evergoing Products (Maxxon Inflatables).

Question: Is the Pioneer X-stream as rugged as the Pro Pioneer and Magnum?
Answer: Yes, PVC is more durable in dragging scenarios than rubber, and it’s easier to make field repairs.

Question: Why is the floor removable in the Pioneer X-stream?
Answer: The Pioneer X-stream has a drop-stitch floor that weighs 16 lbs, and having the removable feature allows users to split their canoe weight for fly-in purposes, namely via Super Cub access where weight distribution is critical. The boat can be rolled as a whole or rolled with the floor separate, your choice.

Question: Why go with the Drop-stitch floor over a traditional I-beam construction?
Answer: Because I-beam floors have a tendency to leak air through the Pressure Release valve, which is problematic in Alaska where silt-laden streams are more common. Also, I-beam floors are less durable over time and difficult and expensive to repair. The drop-stitch floor can be easily repaired in the field and inflates to become more rigid than an I-beam floor design.

Question: What are the bottom-line benefits of choosing the Pioneer X-stream?
1. The Pioneer X-stream is 20-lbs lighter than the Pro Pioneer and 40-lbs lighter than the Magnum.
2 Our 5-year warranty is just that, not 3.5 to 4 years with stipulations. If construction fails during the 5-year period from date of purchase, your boat will be repaired or replaced ASAP. If we have inventory on hand and your boat incurs problems, we’ll replace it immediately and have your boat repaired by the factory on our timeline…not yours!
3. The removable floor option allows critical weight distribution when flying in to remote settings via Super Cub.

Technology has improved in the boating industry, and we have taken full advantage of this by designing the ideal inflatable canoe for hauling heavy loads and travelling in to remote wilderness settings.